Uses for honey in Minecraft

November 28, 2022

Uses for honey in Minecraft

Since the Buzzy Bees update in 2019, honey has been part of Minecraft. Although it is a less well-known and used less frequently, honey plays an important part in Minecraft.

You can only store it in a glass container. It can be obtained by placing a glass bottle in a beehive or by adding honey blocks and sugar to it. It can be used in many ways: from drinking it to creating redstone contraptions.

Uses of honey in Minecraft

1) Sugar

The item allows players to make sugar with the help of other players. Simply place the item into a crafting grid to create sugar in Minecraft. You can use it for many purposes, including making potions, fermenting spider eye, and baking cakes and pies. This is a better way to make sugar than sugarcane, as it creates three sugar products (as opposed one with sugarcane).

2) Food item

You can also use it as a food item. It can be drank from a glass bottle by players to replenish their hunger and health bars. It's a great source for food because it can replenish three hunger bars.

3) Remove poison

This item can also remove poison effects. You can get poisoned by eating rotten food, pufferfish attack or poison potion. It can be taken by players to remove any poison effect. It doesn't work the same as milk, however, and will not remove any status effects.

4) Making honey blocks

The most important thing about the item is its ability to be made into honey blocks. These blocks have many uses. Players will need four bottles to create the block. These blocks are only available with honey bottles.