This Minecraft Mod Transforms the Sandbox to Breath of the Wild

December 8, 2022

This Minecraft Mod Transforms the Sandbox to Breath of the Wild

Although Minecraft and The Legend of Zelda never had an official crossover, it has not stopped their fans. Players love to recreate the beautiful scenery from the best Zelda games voxel-by-voxel. But this Minecraft mod basically turns the sandbox into Breath of the Wild.

YouTuber CRAIY loves to create different datapacks for Minecraft. He has now posted a video about their new Breath Of The Wild mod. Within the first forty seconds, you can see how game-changing this mod is. It shows what are basically Sheikah Towers to climb and some of the Sheikah Slate abilities Link gains on his journey. If you'd like to play with it, here's the Link. Or check out the video below.

The Sheikah Towers are actually randomly spawned throughout the world, and reaching the top of them grants the Shiekah slate. This means you can go hunting at any time to gain new powers and possibly even a paraglider. It's a great way to integrate Breath of the Wild into Minecraft naturally.

Magnesis allows players to move around metal blocks easily, Stasis allows you to build up force against mobs, Cryonis can spawn in ice pillars on the water, and Magnesis allows you to move around metal blocks with ease. Bombs are also available, which do not damage the environment but can be used to clear a room from dangerous Minecraft mobs lurking in dark places. It's an amazing mod that is still being developed.