Minecraft illusioner guide

December 23, 2022

Minecraft illusioner guide

Without mobs, Minecraft's seemingly endless world would be dull. While some mobs can be peaceful and offer food, others can attack players who are too close.

Minecraft is made more challenging and fun by hostile mobs. While most hostile mobs target players only, some have other priorities such as pillagers and vindicators. Illager mobs (also known as evil villagers) attack players, villagers and iron golems.

Illusioners are among the most powerful in Minecraft. This article contains information about illusioners in Minecraft.

There are some mobs in Minecraft that can be created by the game code, but they cannot spawn naturally. One of the few unfortunate mobs left in Minecraft is the illusioner. With the help of commands, illusioners can be summoned.

How do you summon an illusioner in Minecraft

As we mentioned, you can summon illusioners only by using commands in Minecraft. Illusioners cannot be summoned from a spawn egg. Many players don't know much about illusioners because of this.

Enter the following command to summon an illusioner:

/summon illusioner

Java Edition is the only edition that has illusioner. This command in Bedrock Edition will not summon illusioner. Illusioner, like giant zombie and killer bunny, is available in the game codes. However, it does not naturally spawn anywhere in the world.

Health and strength

Although the illusioner does not spawn naturally, developers have made almost all mob features available to it. The illusioner is a mob of illagers and is hostile to players, villagers and iron golems.

Evoker, a miniboss illager has 24 health points. Illusioner has 32. It is possible that developers wanted to add it as another mini-boss, but they dropped the idea.

Illusioners can cause damage of 2-5 health points in normal and easy difficulty. However, they can do damage worth 3-5 health points at high difficulty. Although they may appear weaker than evokers in comparison, illusioners still have a few magic tricks up their sleeves.


It is not accidental that illusioners are called so in Minecraft. Crossbows and magic are both options for illusioners. These illagers can fire arrows every second and have a faster arrow firing rate that skeletons.

Illagers have two options in Minecraft for casting blindness or summoning duplicates. If the difficulty is difficult, illusioners can inflict blindness status to the enemies by raising their arms or creating mist.

When they cast an invisible spell, illusioners can disappear for up to 60 seconds. They can also create four duplicates. These duplicates can be removed by players hitting the illusioner. All duplicates will disappear automatically after the spell is over.

Illusioners are without a doubt one of the most powerful mobs in Minecraft. They won't be able to confront them in normal Minecraft worlds. Developers will hopefully add illusioners to the next update.