Minecraft compound creator

December 27, 2022

Minecraft compound creator

Minecraft Education Edition offers a lot of features that allow users to practice real-life components. Education Edition has elements and compounds that are not available in regular Minecraft.

Players will use the Compound Creator to create compounds, which are vital for other items such as bleach or balloons.

Minecraft Education Edition: How to use the Compound Creator

According to Minecraft

The Compound Creator is capable of creating over 30 compounds. These range from luminol and polyethylene. It works in a similar way to a crafting table, as it has a grid that can be filled with items to create new compounds.

You can use the Compound Creator block by right-clicking it. It is similar to a furnace or crafting table. By adding the right type and number elements to the table, players can create new compounds.

The output box to the right of the creator will show the compound they've created. The result can be placed in any order by players.

Players can create the following compounds by using the right elements

The Compound Creator is a great tool for creating new compounds and enriching the learning process.

This is a great seed for Bedrock Edition players who are looking for a beautiful place to settle. The coordinates of the desert village are (200, 120,, 120).

You can also find a savanna community not far from spawn at (-230;, 325).