End Dragon

January 9, 2023

End Dragon

The Ender Dragon is spawned as soon as the player enters The End, a nightmarish realm that can only be accessed through portals found in strongholds. The Ender Dragon will appear no matter what difficulty level you are on. She fires dragon's breath at players and charges them by dropping from the sky. She can retreat if she is hit, but she can instantly destroy any blocks she comes in contact with.

You must be prepared to face this titanic tyrant. You cannot escape The End until you defeat the Ender Dragon. This means that players must have everything they need, including armour, potent potions and food to replenish their health. You can also use them as TNT charges.

Minecraft Ender Dragon

There are several strategies that you can use to defeat Ender Dragons. However, there are important things you should keep in mind. Although they are relatively simple to destroy, they explode upon impact so we recommend using bows or arrows. The explosion can also be used to harm the dragon if you are timing it correctly.

A bowman who has been trained with bows might be able deal significant damage to the Ender Dragon by firing a few well-aimed shots. However, the dragon will sometimes hover above the exit portal as part of her attack pattern. You need to be close to her sword to stop her from using bows while she does this. We recommend that you stand under her head to avoid being hit by the dragon's breath.

Keep moving and bring friends. It will be surprising how much easier it is to fight if you have a team. The Ender Dragon isn't the only threat in The End. Endermen also exist, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Image credit to Goro488 via Minecraft Wiki

Ender Dragon Egg

There are a few things that will occur when you defeat the Ender Dragon. First, you will be able to return to the Overworld by activating the exit portal. The dragon explodes into an explosion of approximately 12,000 experience points. The Dragon Egg is the third and most important.

The Ender Dragon egg does not do anything. It's a trophy at this point. The egg is also difficult to collect as it teleports away from you the instant you click on. It can be broken with pistons, beds and even a torch. But once it's in your inventory, that's it. An Ender Dragon egg cannot be hatched.

According to current Minecraft trivia, there was once a plan for Minecraft to include other dragons. Developers have previously mentioned that eggs could be used to do this, but it is not currently possible to do so in Minecraft.

Ender Dragon Spawning

You can summon the Ender Dragon again to go through the same ordeal twice. You just need to craft End Crystals and place them on either side of the exit portal boundary. The Obsidian pillars will be reset with End Crystals. Jean will then fly again.

This is all there is to know regarding Minecraft's Ender Dragon. You might also be interested in Minecraft mods. These cool Minecraft servers might be a good alternative.