Best survival mods

January 16, 2023

Best survival mods

Minecraft mods are a way for players to create unique content in their game. There are many Minecraft mods available to download. Each setting is different.

Installing mods on modded Minecraft server is a popular use case for Minecraft mods. Administrators can install mods on these servers to spice up the gameplay.

Five mods that are highly enjoyable to use on any Minecraft survival server


This list starts with a popular Minecraft mod called “Survive”. This mod adds various survival elements to Minecraft to make vanilla survival more difficult.

This mod has many features, but the most important is the ability to monitor your thirst, stamina, or even temperature differences between biomes. This mod will make Minecraft survival more real.

4) Waystones

Waystones, a popular mod that is compatible with Minecraft version 1.7.1, has now been updated to work with Minecraft version 1.17.1. It was created in 2016 and has received 48 million downloads.

This mod adds a new waystone block that players can use to return once activated. This idea is great for survival servers, since it allows users set waypoints between them and helps to connect them.

3) Dragon Survival

Dragon Survival is a Minecraft mod that allows players to play as dragons. Although this may sound far removed from Notch's original idea for survival in-game it is great fun and the mod itself is top quality.

The three types of dragons that players can roleplay are the forest dragon (cave dragon), and sea dragon. It's not as simple as it sounds. This mod will require persistence in order to overcome a variety new challenges.

2) Strong as nails

Tough As Nails, a Minecraft survival mod recently updated to support Minecraft 1.17 is well-maintained and expands upon many vanilla Minecraft survival features.

Because of its rich features, this mod is very popular on Minecraft RPG Servers. The most notable features are a new thirst and temperature system. They both have an exceptional level of depth.

1) PrimalCore

PrimalCore is a Minecraft survival mod that focuses on primitive technology and making the game less accepting.

This mod is easy to use and has been successful on numerous Minecraft servers. It also works well in multiplayer settings. Users can expect to find many new mobs, biomes and foodstuffs that are primal-themed, as well as vegetation.