Minecraft illusioner guide

Without mobs, Minecraft’s seemingly endless world would be dull. While some mobs can be peaceful and offer food, others can attack players who are too close.

Minecraft is made more challenging and fun by hostile mobs. While most hostile mobs target players only, some have other priorities such as pillagers and vindicators. Illager mobs (also known as evil villagers) attack players, villagers and iron golems.

Illusioners are among the most powerful in Minecraft. This article contains information about illusioners in Minecraft.

There are some mobs in Minecraft that can be created by the game code, but they cannot spawn naturally. One of the few unfortunate mobs left in Minecraft is the illusioner. With the help of commands, illusioners can be summoned.

How do you summon an illusioner in Minecraft

As we mentioned, you can summon illusioners only by using commands in Minecraft. Illusioners cannot be summoned from a spawn egg. Many players don’t know much about illusioners because of this.

Enter the following command to summon an illusioner:

/summon illusioner

Java Edition is the only edition that has illusioner. This command in Bedrock Edition will not summon illusioner. Illusioner, like giant zombie and killer bunny, is available in the game codes. However, it does not naturally spawn anywhere in the world.

Health and strength

Although the illusioner does not spawn naturally, developers have made almost all mob features available to it. The illusioner is a mob of illagers and is hostile to players, villagers and iron golems.

Evoker, a miniboss illager has 24 health points. Illusioner has 32. It is possible that developers wanted to add it as another mini-boss, but they dropped the idea.

Illusioners can cause damage of 2-5 health points in normal and easy difficulty. However, they can do damage worth 3-5 health points at high difficulty. Although they may appear weaker than evokers in comparison, illusioners still have a few magic tricks up their sleeves.


It is not accidental that illusioners are called so in Minecraft. Crossbows and magic are both options for illusioners. These illagers can fire arrows every second and have a faster arrow firing rate that skeletons.

Illagers have two options in Minecraft for casting blindness or summoning duplicates. If the difficulty is difficult, illusioners can inflict blindness status to the enemies by raising their arms or creating mist.

When they cast an invisible spell, illusioners can disappear for up to 60 seconds. They can also create four duplicates. These duplicates can be removed by players hitting the illusioner. All duplicates will disappear automatically after the spell is over.

Illusioners are without a doubt one of the most powerful mobs in Minecraft. They won’t be able to confront them in normal Minecraft worlds. Developers will hopefully add illusioners to the next update.


How to farm honey in Minecraft

It is a wonderful item to have in Minecraft, and it has many uses. It can be used to remove poison and feed players.

Bees are a byproduct. Players can create honeycombs and bee nests using man-made or natural beehives. Although they won’t like the idea of taking their products, using campfires and other items can help calm them down so that they can harvest their honey safely. It doesn’t take long to build a bee farm, which allows for quick and painless honey collection.

Minecraft players will need to have wooden planks, honeycombs and honeycombs in order to build beehives. Honeycombs can be obtained from beehives and nests once the bees have returned enough pollen from their visits to nearby flowers. Players can use shears or a torch to remove honeycombs from the nest. To prevent bees attacking you, players should place a fire-generating block like a campfire or lit netherrack 2 blocks below the nest.

To create a Minecraft beehive, you need three honeycombs. It may take several harvestings to make enough hives to build a farm. To pacify the future inhabitants of the hives, players need to place them slightly higher than the ground. The players should return to where they found the bees and either collect them using a Silk Touch-enchanted device or lead them to their new hives with flowers. The players should make sure that all bees have left the nest or they may attack.

If they are close enough, the bees can move to new hives once their old nest has been removed. If they don’t have enough flowers, players can use leads to transport the bees to their new home. After the bees have been re-homed, you can surround the hives in flowers. These blocks will be used by the bees to collect pollen, which they then bring back to their hives. The closer the flowers are to the bees, the longer the journey and the quicker Minecraft players will receive their honey.

The nests will soon become full of honey and start to show an oozing effect, similar to a natural beehive nest. Minecraft players have the ability to collect honey as it appears, provided that the fires keep bees calm. The players can also use additional flowers to create more beehives by breeding extra bees. Honeycombs and honey can be collected more if the operation is larger. The player should not be in imminent danger as long as they are comfortable with the smoke from nearby fires.


Best Minecraft survival mods

Minecraft mods are a way for players to create unique content in their game. There are many Minecraft mods available to download. Each setting is different.

Installing mods on modded Minecraft server is a popular use case for Minecraft mods. Administrators can install mods on these servers to spice up the gameplay.

Five mods that are highly enjoyable to use on any Minecraft survival server


This list starts with a popular Minecraft mod called “Survive”. This mod adds various survival elements to Minecraft to make vanilla survival more difficult.

This mod has many features, but the most important is the ability to monitor your thirst, stamina, or even temperature differences between biomes. This mod will make Minecraft survival more real.

4) Waystones

Waystones, a popular mod that is compatible with Minecraft version 1.7.1, has now been updated to work with Minecraft version 1.17.1. It was created in 2016 and has received 48 million downloads.

This mod adds a new waystone block that players can use to return once activated. This idea is great for survival servers, since it allows users set waypoints between them and helps to connect them.

3) Dragon Survival

Dragon Survival is a Minecraft mod that allows players to play as dragons. Although this may sound far removed from Notch’s original idea for survival in-game it is great fun and the mod itself is top quality.

The three types of dragons that players can roleplay are the forest dragon (cave dragon), and sea dragon. It’s not as simple as it sounds. This mod will require persistence in order to overcome a variety new challenges.

2) Strong as nails

Tough As Nails, a Minecraft survival mod recently updated to support Minecraft 1.17 is well-maintained and expands upon many vanilla Minecraft survival features.

Because of its rich features, this mod is very popular on Minecraft RPG Servers. The most notable features are a new thirst and temperature system. They both have an exceptional level of depth.

1) PrimalCore

PrimalCore is a Minecraft survival mod that focuses on primitive technology and making the game less accepting.

This mod is easy to use and has been successful on numerous Minecraft servers. It also works well in multiplayer settings. Users can expect to find many new mobs, biomes and foodstuffs that are primal-themed, as well as vegetation.


Best Minecraft survival mods

Mods are an integral part of Minecraft. Mods can make the game completely different, which is usually a good thing. Mods are used by Minecraft users to alter the gameplay, look, or feel of Minecraft. Java Edition mods are only available to Java Edition users, but most Java users use at least one mod.

Mods come in many sizes and can range from small to large. This article will highlight 5 mods that Minecraft Java Edition users should consider in 2022.


WAILA is short for “What am I Looking At?” WAILA, short for “What Am I Looking At?”, is one the most basic mods available, but it does make a huge difference. It is no longer necessary to know what block is which or what the unknown item is. It is easy to point the mouse at it, and everything will be easier.

4) There are not enough items

Most players don’t know all the crafting recipe. Many of the crafting recipes are not even remembered by most players. This mod allows Minecraft players to quickly find what they need without needing to search it up. This mod is great for Survival as it allows players to find what they are looking for faster.

3) Inventory Tweaks

This mod is among the best in Minecraft. Inventory tweaks are a great way for players to organize their inventory. This mod automatically replaces tools that have run out of durability. This is great for mining. When a stack of blocks is lost, it will automatically refill the block stack. A simple middle-click can sort inventory and chests however Minecraft players wish.

It is also highly customizable. Although this mod is currently only available in 1.13, players have requested it so often that it will be ported to the current version very soon.

2) Biomes O’Plenty

Exploring biomes is the best thing. This mod introduces many new biomes. It makes the Nether and Overworld beautiful and new, and it’s a great way to have fun.

1) Optifine

The Optifine mod does not change Minecraft’s gameplay. However, it improves almost all aspects of Minecraft’s gameplay. Optifine provides a remarkable zoom feature that makes FPS and all other aspects of the system even more amazing.

This mod makes Minecraft look and feel a lot more polished than usual. Every Java Edition player must have Optifine.


Uses for honey in Minecraft

Since the Buzzy Bees update in 2019, honey has been part of Minecraft. Although it is a less well-known and used less frequently, honey plays an important part in Minecraft.

You can only store it in a glass container. It can be obtained by placing a glass bottle in a beehive or by adding honey blocks and sugar to it. It can be used in many ways: from drinking it to creating redstone contraptions.

Uses of honey in Minecraft

1) Sugar

The item allows players to make sugar with the help of other players. Simply place the item into a crafting grid to create sugar in Minecraft. You can use it for many purposes, including making potions, fermenting spider eye, and baking cakes and pies. This is a better way to make sugar than sugarcane, as it creates three sugar products (as opposed one with sugarcane).

2) Food item

You can also use it as a food item. It can be drank from a glass bottle by players to replenish their hunger and health bars. It’s a great source for food because it can replenish three hunger bars.

3) Remove poison

This item can also remove poison effects. You can get poisoned by eating rotten food, pufferfish attack or poison potion. It can be taken by players to remove any poison effect. It doesn’t work the same as milk, however, and will not remove any status effects.

4) Making honey blocks

The most important thing about the item is its ability to be made into honey blocks. These blocks have many uses. Players will need four bottles to create the block. These blocks are only available with honey bottles


End Dragon

The Ender Dragon is spawned as soon as the player enters The End, a nightmarish realm that can only be accessed through portals found in strongholds. The Ender Dragon will appear no matter what difficulty level you are on. She fires dragon’s breath at players and charges them by dropping from the sky. She can retreat if she is hit, but she can instantly destroy any blocks she comes in contact with.

You must be prepared to face this titanic tyrant. You cannot escape The End until you defeat the Ender Dragon. This means that players must have everything they need, including armour, potent potions and food to replenish their health. You can also use them as TNT charges.

Minecraft Ender Dragon

There are several strategies that you can use to defeat Ender Dragons. However, there are important things you should keep in mind. Although they are relatively simple to destroy, they explode upon impact so we recommend using bows or arrows. The explosion can also be used to harm the dragon if you are timing it correctly.

A bowman who has been trained with bows might be able deal significant damage to the Ender Dragon by firing a few well-aimed shots. However, the dragon will sometimes hover above the exit portal as part of her attack pattern. You need to be close to her sword to stop her from using bows while she does this. We recommend that you stand under her head to avoid being hit by the dragon’s breath.

Keep moving and bring friends. It will be surprising how much easier it is to fight if you have a team. The Ender Dragon isn’t the only threat in The End. Endermen also exist, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Image credit to Goro488 via Minecraft Wiki

Ender Dragon Egg

There are a few things that will occur when you defeat the Ender Dragon. First, you will be able to return to the Overworld by activating the exit portal. The dragon explodes into an explosion of approximately 12,000 experience points. The Dragon Egg is the third and most important.

The Ender Dragon egg does not do anything. It’s a trophy at this point. The egg is also difficult to collect as it teleports away from you the instant you click on. It can be broken with pistons, beds and even a torch. But once it’s in your inventory, that’s it. An Ender Dragon egg cannot be hatched.

According to current Minecraft trivia, there was once a plan for Minecraft to include other dragons. Developers have previously mentioned that eggs could be used to do this, but it is not currently possible to do so in Minecraft.

Ender Dragon Spawning

You can summon the Ender Dragon again to go through the same ordeal twice. You just need to craft End Crystals and place them on either side of the exit portal boundary. The Obsidian pillars will be reset with End Crystals. Jean will then fly again.

This is all there is to know regarding Minecraft’s Ender Dragon. You might also be interested in Minecraft mods. These cool Minecraft servers might be a good alternative.